FIM Designer Workshop Weekend

The Fashion Institute Midwest recently hosted a free Interactive Designer Workshop Weekend packed with advice and tips from a Who’s Who of industry experts and community leaders.

Just look at the dizzying programming (provided, in part, by funds raised by the Fashion Institute Guild):

Pattern Grading with Isabelle Lott.
This is a two part workshop in high demand. Attendees are required to bring paper cutting scissors, 2-3 pencils, 3 colored pencils, eraser for pencils, tape that can be written on with a pencil (scotch magic tape), tape measure, pattern pieces of your design for day two (2-5 pieces, they will be cut for the grade so bring a traced copy)

Business Plan Presentation by Hannah Olson:
We will discuss the importance of making a simple business plan, the benefits of it, and walk through how to write a simple modified business plan that will help designers as well as potential investors.

Models! by Alyssa Dilts:
Alyssa is going to go over some basics about choosing models to suit your collection and how to coach them to show off your collection. She has insights from her experiences as a former model, scout, and now, agency owner.

Pricing with Meghann Schense:
This will go over how to price your collections. This is a hard one for designers to handle on their own, so Meghann has come up with some great advice and methods on how to address it so you don’t sell yourself short!

Applying for Grants with Judy Davis and Wendy Chapman (focused on FIM grants):
Judy and Wendy will discuss applying for FIM grants and how to make your application look and sound professional. Much of this information should be transferable to other application processes as well.

Photography with Greg Higgins:
Greg is going to discuss what to expect and what to ask for from the photographers at OFW.

The TEN steps to a FABULOUS presentation! with Richard Carey and David Scott:
Having created, produced & styled runway presentations & photo shoots here in Omaha, as well as Chicago, Boston, New York & Paris over the span of our careers as Hairstylists, Make-up Artist, Accessory buyers & Educators, we will reveal 10 secrets of a successful presentation to make a flawless impression on your audience AND set you apart. By now, the mechanics of a collection should be perfected and this will help designers put the finishing touches for OFW!! A short but powerful presentation geared to individualize.

Branding Your Line with Nathan Kirkman and Jordan Becker:
Nathan and Jordan are going to go over how to properly brand your line to the masses. This has been something that can throw designers off track. Let these industry insiders guide you where to go!

Fabric Manipulation with Sabrina Jones :
In this workshop you will learn how to transform your fabric into art and how to create unique intricate details. The high craft techniques I will be teaching include tucking, piecing, ruching, and shirring. I will show you ways to use these skills and incorporate them into your designs, making them one of a kind. In this workshop I will give you a short history, demonstration, and show you samples of how the techniques can be used. Then it is up to you to take these skills and see what you can create. A sewing machine and thread will be needed.

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