FIM’s 3rd Quarter Grant Recipient Is…

Congratulations to Jillian Fellers!

We would like to congratulate Jillian Fellers on being FIM’s 3rd Quarter Grant recipient. Jillian was awarded $2,000.00 for travel costs to attend fall Bridal Market Week in New York City. She will be presenting to buyers her 2017 Bridal Collection at Bridal Market Week.

By receiving FIM’s grant, Jillian will be given the opportunity to meet and sell her collection to bridal boutiques across the country and internationally.

Jillian launched her bridal gown collection in spring 2013 and since then has been named one of the Top Eight Etsy Wedding Dress Designers by Huffington Posts Weddings, been a Featured Shop on and has shown her bridal collections at Omaha Fashion Week and Kansas City Fashion Week.


While Jillian was the recipient of this quarter’s grant, it is not unusual for there to be multiple grant recipients. There were 10 grant applications this quarter for support totaling over $14,000, while FIM’s budget for this period was up to $2500. It was a very tough decision for the Fashion Institute Midwest Board to choose the grant recipient. The Board gave each application a thorough review during the decision making process.

4th Quarter Grant Application are available for submission and are due on September 1, 2016.