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Press Release

 September 28, 2017
Contact: Alyssa Dilts, 312-285-8413 (cell)

Fashion Institute Midwest Opens the Doors to Greater Opportunities for Area Fashion Designers

OMAHA, (Neb) It has been four years in the making, but today the Fashion Institute Midwest unveiled its physical space at 1141 N 11th St in Omaha. The space will serve as a place where fashion designers can continue to learn, collaborate and create their designs while adding business skills to their portfolio.

Fashion Institute Midwest is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, committed to nurturing aspiring designer talent and supporting the Midwest fashion industry through the education and mentorship of fashion designers; while offering them a space with commercial-grade sewing machines, industrial cutting tables, a private tailoring salon, a resource library filled by donations from industry professionals including Michael James of the University of Nebraska Lincoln and a commercial button-hole machine, one of only three in the state.

Just as important as it is to provide these designers machines and space, it is also the goal of the Fashion Institute to launch these fashion designers with expertise in business. While the Institute’s desire is to see fashion designers at various stages of their careers fulfill their creative potential, it is also its goal to foster the creation of new businesses.

“As these designers express themselves in their art, we support them in creating viable businesses by bringing in guest speakers such as MintonDickes Consulting to speak with them about the importance of how to pitch their business as well as Baird Holm to speak with them on how to file the correct paperwork to start their businesses in order to be successful,” FIM co-chair Sam Hohman says.

For the last four years, the Fashion Institute has used the Fashion Impact Awards as a means of fundraising. During that time, hundreds donors have contributed over $150,000. The funds will allow the space be open to all members of the community who wish to pursue fashion design. FIM will have open studio hours as well as continue to offer educational programming in areas of design and business development.

Five dedicated board members have worked to make the space a reality. They are Sam Hohman, Mike Schilken, Judy Davis, Alyssa Dilts, Melissa Dahir and Lisa Walker Sekundiak.

“Our board of directors believes that providing this workspace was key in providing a foundation to accomplish our mission.  Fashion Institute Midwest’s mission is to provide aspiring fashion designers with creative inspiration, training opportunities, resources and business development to unlock the creative entrepreneurial potential in our community,” Michael Schilken, co-chairman of FIM.

About Fashion Institute Midwest

Fashion Institute Midwest is a 501(c)(3) supporting the growth of regional fashion designers with resources and skills based on creative inspiration, technical training, resources and business education. Fashion Institute Midwest believes that creative people equal creative entrepreneurs resulting in successful fashion businesses.