Our Board

Omaha’s Fashion Institute Guild (FIG) provides a unique opportunity to network with incredibly talented and interesting people while helping to advance the fashion ecosystem throughout the Midwest. FIG was founded in 2013 and the Guild needs bright, talented members like yourself. Be a fashion insider and make a difference in the Midwest. Join us today! Your membership is tax-deductible, and 100 percent directly benefits the non-profit Fashion Institute Midwest and its mission to nurture creative talent and entrepreneurial potential among aspiring designers. Email us | info@fashioninstituteguild.org

2016 Fashion Institute Guild Board

President | Lisa Walker Sekundiak

President Elect and Communications | Amanda Kreft

Treasurer | Susie Shoemaker

Secretary | Lisa Falter

VP of Membership | Kiley Freeman

Designer Outreach | Denise Ervin

2017 FIA Co-Chairs | Natalie Navis and Chloe Firestone

Advisor | Melissa Dahir 2016 President

Philanthropic Volunteer | Mindy Duff

Independent Fundraising Professional | Robyn Kortan

Board Members-At-Large | Deanna Bosselman, Judy Davis, Alyssa Dilts, Janine Dunn, Lynette Farhart, Diana Foster, Sam Hohman