Red Carpet Ready

Jewelry won’t be the only thing sparkling at Red Carpet Ready at Borsheims . Cocktails and fashion shine in this girls’ night outĀ  – a primer forĀ  Omaha Fashion Week.



Wondering what to wear to OFW? Nervous about walking the Red Carpet? Get Red Carpet Ready July 17 against a glittering backdrop at Borsheims. Gather your girlfriends and make a night of it! Be among the first 5o to walk through the door (the event starts at 5:30) and receive a swag bag with special discounts and beauty products. Test your fashionista quotient as a Jewelry Stylist for a chance to win a pair of VIP tickets to an OFW weeknight show, plus a little something from Borsheims. Pick up fashion-forward hair and makeup tips from Kontempo. salon. Nosh and swill, compliments of Borsheims. Browse the latest in a trunk show by Stephanie Kantis. And meet the FIG Street Team at this fun and lively fashion + style event. RSVP
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