FIM Business Seminar a Success

The Fashion Institute Midwest created and held a Business Formation and Protection Seminar on Saturday, April 2.

The workshop featured speakers from Baird Holm Law Offices, Attorneys Mike Schilken and Ari Goldstein. In addition, Alyssa Dilts, FIM advisor and owner of Develop Model Management, spoke about look book production.

This 2 hour intensive seminar provided education to designers on business protection and formation, specifically on trademark, copyright and patent protection. The objective of the seminar was for designers to gain more knowledge of the process of obtaining licenses for their brand and how to further brand themselves.

With 20 people in attendance, the seminar was held at Baird Holm Law offices, located in Downtown Omaha on Saturday, April 2.


IMG_0467.JPG IMG_0469.JPG

When asked about the workshop designer Mitchell Henderson said,

“I learned a lot of useful information that I did not know prior to the workshop. The legal aspects is one of the most complex parts of any career and it is a necessity for all designs and business owners to know the ropes of a business.”

Survey results from the participants included comments such as “having it be a longer amount of time” and “add more hours and content” are responses that indicate designers are wanting to further their knowledge and education of fashion law and its implications.

We would like to thank the Baird Holm LLP for providing the space and speakers to help further local designers’ knowledge on how to further brand themselves and the legal protections available to them.

Special thank you to Mike Schilken, Ari Goldstein, Alyssa Dilts and the FIM board members who attended the seminar.