Designer Grant Application

2017 Grant Applications NOW AVAILABLE

2nd Quarter 2017: Application due June 30, 2017. Grant awards made in July 2017

Please complete the application below.  The form will be automatically submitted as long as you enter the security code listed above the submit button.  The applications will be reviewed and you will be notified after June 30, 2017.  If you have any questions, please feel free to email


Designer Grant Applications

Financial Statement
In order for FIM to consider your grant request, we would like to gather some information regarding your  finances.  Please take a few moments to fill in your revenue and expenses below.
EXPENSES:  Examples of expenses, Personal investment in business, rent and utilities paid for business, purchase of supplies or equipment
Expense Item 1
Expense Item 2
Expense Item 3
Expense Item 4
Expense Item 5
REVENUE:  Examples of revenue:  Sales received for selling of designs, revenue received for tailoring clothing, etc
Revenue 1
Revenue 2
Revenue 3
Revenue 4
Revenue 5
GRANT REQUIREMENTS If you are selected for the grant, the following is required: you will teach a class on behalf of Fashion Institute Midwest for other designers and you will complete an outcome report six months post award (unless the outcome requires additional time). I have read the above requirements and agree.

All Grants to be evaluated based on satisfaction of the selection criteria, and whether the request for a Grant satisfies one or more of the fashion ecosystem pillars.

1. Travel Grants:  Designers selected based on their readiness for exposure to options that enrich their creativity located in a larger market

2. Designer Grants: Designers selected based on their readiness and ability which may be enhanced by obtaining materials, equipment, education, and assistance to aid in their creativity.

3.  Manufacturing Grants: Designers selected based on their readiness to take their development to a larger market base.